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Making art reduce patients traumatic episodes, depression, and stress

Florida Today, 2018

September is Suicide Prevention Month

Stress is not an issue that affects servicemembers only after they have experienced a trauma. From enlistment onward, stress is a daily part of military life.

Stress adversely affects readiness, and military readiness is a critical issue with implications for national security. The pressure this adds to everyday life in the military can be debilitating.

How service members deal with stress before trauma determines outcomes after a traumatic event.

Art interventions offer powerful tools for coping with stress and can help build coping mechanisms to benefit individuals throughout their lifetime.

Art – a better solution

Cortisol (the body’s stress hormone) decreased in 75% of participants who had engaged in artistic production.
Another study showed that artmaking promoted speedy recovery after illness; helped alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress Many have reported that the effects of making art last longer, and are more effective than drugs.
More Evidence suggests that art reduce patients traumatic episodes. It also improved their emotional awareness. (Montag, 2014).

Our Mission

..is to reduce the dependency on drugs and provide alternative forms of treatment to Vets and 1st Responders in need of relief of Traumatic Brain Injury and P.T.S.D., and help them regain control of their thoughts and lives.

Classes and Teachers are getting together now. We will be announcing our fundraising and supply drive initiatives before the end of 2021. We invite you to sign up for our mailing list, and check back to this page for dates and locations. If you need more information, or are inclined to help out with funds or as a volunteer, please click the link below and someone will reach out to you.

We will be providing instructor led art classes, free of charge for veterans, active duty, and first responders in the following disciplines:

  • Pottery
  • Painting / Paint by Number
  • Sculpting
  • Mixed Media Fluid Art
  • Ceramic Painting

Materials Needed:

We still need donations of supplies to accomplish our mission. If you can donate supplies, gift cards, or cash, we need the following for our new Veterans Art Studio:

  • Pottery Wheels
  • Pottery and Sculpting clay
  • art tools, brushes, cleaning supplies
  • see more on our DONATE page

Supportive Documentation This PDF is compiled of several articles that support the idea of art as a therapeutic solution for people with traumatic brain injury, and or PTSD. The doc is referenced, and has links included for your own research.

If you are an artist, teacher, or want to volunteer, please Contact Us as soon as possible. Fundraising Events are planned for this year, and we need your help!

Important Note

Our programs are not meant to replace any drug or doctor prescribed therapy. The AVA is NOT a clinic, and does not purport to provide any medical therapy or medicines. Our advisers are trained in Art, and volunteer to teach classes, but are not doctors and should not be thought of as such. If you are in need, or having suicidal thoughts, PLEASE get in touch with the Veteranscrisisline.net or call 800-273-8255 and Press 1